Deep Fried Mushrooms

    • 7.99

8 deep fried battered mushrooms

Mac and Cheese Bites

    • 7.99

6 Mac and Cheese Bites - Macaroni and cheese triangles deep fried

Jalapeno Poppers

    • 7.99

6 Jalapeno poppers - Battered Jalapeño Peppers stuffed with cream cheese  

Mozza Sticks

    • 7.99

6 Mozza sticks - Battered fried mozzarella cheese sticks, Served with Marinara Sauce

Pickle Spears

    • 7.99

6 pickle spears - Dill Pickle wedges in seasoned Panko crumbs

Appy Platter

    • 25.99

House Chips Deep-fried Mushrooms (4) Mac and cheese Bites (4) Jalapeno Poppers (4) Mozza-Sticks (4) Potato Skins(4) Pickle Spears (4) Wings (4) Carrots Ranch Dip and Marinara Sauce   Please write in comments your choice for wing flavor. Salt and Pepper, Hot and sweet, Teriyaki, Hot ranch, House spice, lemon pepper or Hot Hot  

Loaded Cheesy Potato Skins

    • 8.99

6 Potato skins wedges with cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon. Come with Sour cream for dipping

Homemade Corn Fritters

    • 4.99

Six bite size fritters. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Served with honey hot sauce for dipping.